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Hello my friend, my name is James H Spruce,  and I am president of Fish 'N' Loaves Charity.  Fish 'N' Loaves provide meals to homeless people in northeast Ohio. We are Certified by the federal government as a non-profit tax exempt  ...Presently our funds are limited!  Will you Help us?  Any amount will do no matter how small or great.  Please help support Fish 'N' Loaves, click here to Donate!



Thanks, and you can support Fish 'N' Loaves even more by Adopting a Homeless Person.  Click Here to get started.

Or, you may order a transcript of 'Rainy Nights in Georgia'.  A novel I pinned while living homeless on the streets of America. 

Rainy Nights in Georgia

by J. Spruce

A true love story based on a song
made popular by Brook Benton.

Sylvester was duped into leaving
town by his girlfriend's uncle,
and when he returns, all hell
breaks loose.

This Limited Edition transcript by J. Spruce sells
for $50.00 per copy.
Click Here to order


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