Hello, and welcome to Homeless Adoption in America.


It is time to stop talking about America's homeless problem and start doing something about it ...Adopt a Homeless Person!


Your Adoption can provide Food, Shelter, Clothing, Spiritual Guidance and Job Training for that Person.


You will receive a Certificate of Adoption imprinted with the individualís name, a photograph, and their particulars. In addition, you will receive a Quarterly Progress Report for that individual and a Fish 'Ní Loaves News Letter.

Make your commitment today! Help make that person to become self-sufficient. Adopt a Homeless Person NOW! 


1. Choose your Adoption Plan
2. Click on the LINK

3. And thatís it!




3 mo. Adoption Plan




6 mo. Adoption Plan


 SAVE    $10.00


1 yr.   Adoption Plan


 SAVE    $45.00


2 yr.   Adoption Plan


 SAVE  $130.00



Did you know that 25% of all homeless people in America are Veterans! Veterans who have put their life on the line fighting for the freedom that YOU and I enjoy today!  Maybe our government is not doing as much as it should, but YOU can make up the difference!

We accept cash, checks, or money-orders. Either way, you will have done your part to help keep America strong. Adopt TODAY! 


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