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Dear Friend,

It's about time we stop talking about Americaís homeless problem and start doing something about it by adopting a homeless person! 

Fish 'N' Loaves is sponsoring an adoption plan that can provide Food, ShelterSpiritual Counseling and Job Training to the person you adopt. 

In addition, you'll receive an adoption kit, which includes a 'Certificate of Adoption' imprinted with that personís name, a photo', and their particulars. And in addition, you'll also receive a Quarterly Progress Report on your adoptee, and a bi-monthly  Newsletter.

photo is optional.

Choose an Adoption Plan, click your choice , order, and that's it!

Six month plan - $60

One year plan  -  $95

Two year plan  -  $150        

Did you know that 25% of all homeless people in America are Veterans!!! People who have put their life on the line for the freedom that you and I cherish dearly!  Maybe, our government isn't doing as much as it should, but WE can change that by adopting a homeless person!  

Send your check or money order to

Fish 'N' Loaves Charity
PO Box 202356, 

Cleveland, OH 44120

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE


ps. James Spruce was homeless for over ten years, and he has written a love story named, Another Rainy Night in Georgia, during the time he was homeless, and after he became un-homeless. His story is a wonderful read. I highly recommend it for $50.  Send to same address, J. Spruce, PO 202356, Cleveland, OH 44120



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